Meet Rosalie Giffoniello

Rosalie's experience as a volunteer at Mother Teresa's orphanage in Kolkata during the summer of 1999 served as a catalyst to transform her life. Recognizing the children's potential, she immediately took an early retirement from teaching in the New Jersey public schools to return to Kolkata and continue the work she had started. For more about this incredible journey, take a look at Rosalie's book, "Reclaiming Lives."

In 2001, Rosalie partnered with Janet Grosshandler to found Empower the Children (ETC) as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children who live in the slums. Starting with a rooftop school, ETC has since expanded its programs to include:

  • Preschools - Atmaraksha, Nehru Colony, Nevidita, Pally Unnayan SSK
  • Non-formal schools - Praroyna 2, Praroyna 3, Khamargachi Tribal School
  • Tutorial centers - Dankuni 1, 2 & 3
  • Special education programs - Praroyna 3, Duttapukar, Prabartak Home
  • Vocational training programs - Praroyna 1, Khamargachi Vocational Center
  • College Fund
  • Nutritious lunches five days a week

Through Rosalie's compassionate efforts, her life-changing journey has empowered thousands of children to meet their full potential.

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