Empower the Children

"When one child succeeds, the ETC ripple effect helps others to progress with greater confidence and determination. This is made possible by contributions from you. Thank you from our Kolkata kids."

- Rosalie Giffoniello, Co-founder

While the ground is shifting beneath the feet of large populations around the world, Empower the Children offers stability to young children living in the slums of Kolkata. Each year brings a new batch of youngsters eager to explore the world of education that is now within their reach. Through our ever-expanding programs, ETC offers a comprehensive curriculum that allows students to go beyond the normal expectations of rote learning, creating a richer experience in the classroom.

Since 2002, ETC has played an important role in shaping the lives of future generations by helping them develop critical thinking skills, strong values and a desire to make their world a better place. Thanks to multi-faceted programs, the dedication of staff, and our loyal donors, each year ETC continues to prepare a greater number of students to earn a viable living for themselves and their families.